Dr.bhupendra bathla
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Dr. Bhupendra Bathla is among the best cardiologist in Kota, Rajasthan. He has more than 12 year of experience in cardiology. He is known for vast knowledege and extensive experience. He received Gold Medal for being the best resident during his Md. He is working as consultant interventional cardiologist at Bharat Vikas Parshad Hospital, Dadabari, Kota. He had worked as interventional cardiologist at prestigious institute like safdarjung hospital Delhi, Paras Hospital, Gnagaram Hospital, Metro Hospital.

He has vast experience of doing complicated angioplasty like bifurcation left main, using a modern techniques like Rotablation, FFR, OCT. He is specialist in doing ICD, CRTD, pacemaker implantation, peripheral angiography, Peripheral angioplasty, IVC Filter. He has special interest in preventive cardiology and how to prevent cardiac disease and heart attack by exercise, diet and others measures. He is using echocardiography as an important diagnostic tool to evaluate patients and plan its management Strategy. He is a specialist in congenital Echo cardiography. He is an avid reader of cardiology test-books and journals and has up-to-date knowledge of recent advances in cardiology.

His paper and publications include:

Paper titled “Non Alcoholic fatty liver disease in angiographically documented coronary artery disease (CAD) v/s non CAD subjects” in AIIMS. He is life mamber of CSI (Cardiological society of india) and API (Association of physicians of india).


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